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Home Tour Dresden - Germany [photos + video]

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Hi, everyone!

I finally edited the Dresden home tour video and added which room I am in according to the blue print below. I couldn't add subtitles yet, because Cookie hears herself barking and goes crazy, thinking it's another dog (lol). 

The apartment is empty in the video, because I filmed it minutes before our ride to Frankfurt arrived. I remembered I had said I would show you the apartment and never did, so I hurried and made the video! Cookie is barking a lot because she is anxious about the empty house, the suitcases and my walking around. I hope you can still enjoy it!

I also found the apartment's blue print and numbered it in the same order as I am showing it to you in the video. And, since you can't really tell what the apartment was like when we were living there, I added many pictures to  this blog post, so you can see.

Apartment's blue print.

1 - Front door
Rodrigo on the day we picked up the keys. He's taking old newspapers and advertising to the recycle bin.

2 - Small bathroom: it just had a sink and the toilet. I couldn't find a picture of it, but you can see it well in the video.

3 - Hallway: this is where all our books lived.

Looking at the hallway from the living room/kitchen: door with a Christmas sock = front door; door with the pick angel = small bathroom; door with the yellow angel = bathroom.

Looking at the hallway from front door.

4. Kitchen: the furniture and stove you see in this picture came with the apartment. I couldn't find a picture of it with our furniture inside, but we had a dining table, some shelving units for appliances and dishes, and a mini freezer with the microwave on it.

Furniture and stove that came with the apartment.

5. Small storage room: here we had one shelving unit and many things that didn't find a home elsewhere.

6. Living room: this is the space we used the most. Even our computers were here, so that we didn't have to stay apart when one was watching TV and the other was doing something online. The apartment would have worked better for us if the living room were bigger and the kitchen or one of the bedrooms were smaller. See how everything was there:

The living room empty, seen from the door.

Same view, now with furniture. Cookie is sleeping in front of the TV rack.

View from the balcony door. The dark table is Rodrigo's and the white one is mine.

This bookcase was close to the TV rack.

7. Balcony: here we had a barbecue and a table with two chairs.


A lot of snow on NYE 2014-2015.


I loved this door <3

8. Garden: we didn't realize it when we rented the apartment, but staying here wasn't very pleasant. Our street was very noisy and the fence (on the left) offered no privacy from other neighbors.

These stairs came from the balcony into the garden.

9. Our bedroom: we had our bed, two bedside tables, my dressing table, some shelving units and a dresser. This room was huge!
Vista do nosso quarto, à partir da porta. À direita não aparecem, mas ficavam as estantes e minha penteadeira.

Vista das janelas. A cômoda ficava ao lado da porta. Novamente não aparecem, mas à direita ficavam as estantes e minha penteadeira. 

10. Rosa's bedroom/closet/visit's bedroom:
Empty room, seen from the door.

The closet.

Rosa's bed was before the window on the left of the room. You can see a bit of the closet on the right. 

11. Bathroom: sink, shower, bathtube. Here is were we kept the washer and dryer.

I took this picture from the place where the machines were. 

This was the building:
The building as seen from the street. From our apartment, you can only see the balcony door, on the right bottom corner.

The entrance was in the back of the building:
This path to the garage is on the left-hand side of the picture above. I took this picture from inside the building.

Rodrigo in front of the building entrance, on the day we picked up the keys.
See the parked bicycles I showed in the video? Our apartment is the first one above ground level. The window to the left is Rosa's room and the one on the right is the bathroom.

I hope you liked the complete tour in photos and video!

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